Casual style

Also called “leisurewear”. This is the fashion style most easily recognized by children and teenagers: a t-shirt, denim pants or shorts, sneakers, and you’re good to go! By definition, casual style is relaxed and confortable.

Tank tops
Jersey dress
Wrap dress/summer dress
Dress shirt, with sleeves rolled up and button-down
Denim jacket
Sport coat or blazer
Boat shoes
Flat or low-heeled shoes

Inspiration gallery:

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21 great quotes about fashion that you need as a designer or stylist

With the summer heat, I admit I need a little extra motivation. If, like me, you need a little #MotivationMonday, here are some great fashion-related quotes. Some of them might even count as life advice!

About being different

About having style and elegance

Quotes for designers and stylists

On these wise words, have a great week!

Major fashion trend cycles, and how they keep coming back

Note: I’m going to try to go through all the various fashion styles, in separate blog posts for clarity and convenience. Once I’m done, I will try to write a better version of this analysis. Try to see this post as the first draft of a bigger thesis that might take years to complete.

If you are as interested as I am in fashion history, you might have noticed that some fashion trends, or even entire movements, seem to come back in a cyclical manner.

In fact, some analysts call it the “20 year rule”, a general concept that a trend popular right now will be brought back by a designer (or several) in two decades from now. There’s an aspect of nostalgia and lack of new ideas in this, of course, but it is often proven true.

James Laver (1899-1975) went a tad further and created an entire chart of the population’s opinions and attitudes toward reinterpretations of old fashion (link to Wikipedia). We could sum it up this way: the older and more historical it is, the more beautiful and romantic it seems, while recent trends (from the last two decades) are considered “out”. On the other side of the spectrum, if you are too far ahead of your time, you’re the alien from outer-space (no offence, really).

Let’s start with the eternal classics:

Sportswear worn as streetwear

This is probably the most common and recognizable fashion trend for young people these days, but did you know that sportswear was already fashionable in the 1910s (in other words, the Titanic era)? Yes, one hundred years ago, clothing manufacturers saw the potential of advertising an athletic lifestyle, featuring sport celebrities, to sell their products.

Afterwards, the trend came back regularly, depending mostly on the popular sports celebrities of their time; but also on popular sports and activities, such as yoga pants and leggings being popular these days because they are associated with a healthy lifestyle, with or without celebrity endorsement.

Trend cycle: regular, unpredictable, based on external factors.

Greek classism

This fashion trend became a classic as well. In the 1910s, Mariano Fortuny created elaborate evening gowns inspired by the goddesses of Greek mythology. The trend came back during the 1940s and was such a hit at red carpet events that it has never really disappeared ever since. If you check couture runway shows and black tie events, you are likely to see draped dresses inspired by these original styles.

After all, which woman wouldn’t want to look like a goddess?

Trend cycle: regular, now accepted as a classic style, unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Now, let’s continue with the cyclical trends:

Sexual Revolutions

After World War I, the so-called “Lost Generation” came back home believing there would be no other war (I feel like inserting a little “lol” here, but would be cruel), and they started partying, creating, inventing, and changing society as a whole. Overall, it was a great era, but the Roaring Twenties were a decade of rebellion for young people who left the tea parties of their elders behind to hang out in clubs with their own generation. So was born the Flapper girl, with her short skirt, short hair, alluring makeup, and mary-jane shoes appropriate for the new dance styles of the jazz era.

Fast-forward 40 years, the Baby Boomers came of age in the 1960s, and they also rejected the traditional values of their parents, in favour of Rock & Roll, Motown, Woodstock, and sexual freedom. Honestly, the “peace & love” generation caused many social revolutions that we take for granted today. Their sexual revolution, just like the Flappers, came equipped with shorter skirts, elaborate hair and makeup, and mary-jane shoes that were perfect for dancing the new trendy dances.

Trend cycle: 40 years, although Millenials have been rather calm in terms of major fashion trends. What might define the Millenial generation the most for historians is digital technology and everyone doing their own thing fashion-wise; but, right now, it’s very hard to look at things from a distance, so we’ll have to wait.

À la Garçonne

At the same time as the Flapper style, a boyish style emerged for women. Socially, women were emancipating, suffragettes were defending women’s rights to be treated as men, and some of them believed that, in order to be treated like a man, you must look like one. The desire to do sports fueled the trend, and Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel embraced it completely.

However, it would take until the 1970s for the wearing of pants to be completely accepted by societies around the world. A note-worthy example in popular culture of the 1970s’ androgynous style might be Diane Keaton’s character in Annie Hall.

Trend cycle: 50 years.

Romantic feminity

Although I have found examples of early 20th century clothing inspired by early 19th century attire, considered more romantic, these individual styles were not connected to a specific movement, except perhaps Pre-Raphaelite aesthetics. The first major trend came with the robe de style of the 1920s, offering an alternative to the sexy Flapper and the boyish Garçonne. The robe de style was clearly inspired by the dresses of the Rococo era, with small panniers and floral designs.

Romanticism would make a comeback in the late 1930s, but would be pushed aside quickly by the restrictions and rationing of World War II.

After the Second World War, society was ripe for excess and romance. The “New Look” created by Christian Dior offered large skirts inspired by the 1860s, and borrowed a few ideas from the Rococo era as well, like the Balmain dress below.

In the 1970s, Laura Ashley started a new trend, in contradiction with the disco era, inspired by the Victorian era. (These were worn with Doc Marten’s boots though, it was the 1970s.)

In the late 1990s, but mostly in the 2000s, Japanese lolita fashion became a worldwide fashion trend (thanks to the internet), borrowing aesthetics from the Victorian and Rococo eras, and offering a romantic and exaggeratedly feminine alternative to regular fashion.

Trend cycle: 20-30 years, at most… Romance is always popular, the only things that really change are the styles and the lifestyles associated with these trends.

Power suits

Although the power suit and big shoulder pads are associated with the 1980s, the trend originated during World War II. As wartime women took on masculine roles while men were fighting abroad, their fashion styles became much more masculine.

As I said, big shoulders and big sleeves came back in the 1980s, but as a symbol of business power and success. Popular television shows, such as Dynasty and Dallas, offered prime examples of 1980s fashions, and were quickly copied by their fans.

Trend cycle: 40 years.

Rebellion, Punks and Hipsters

Last but not least, this is the cycle that surprised me the most because I imagined them as separate things.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Baby Boomers were young and rebellious; and movies like The Wild One, starring Marlon Brando, had an impact on fashion. Girls sighed at the sight of Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Brando, and boys wanted to look like them. The Greaser style was born.

In the late 1970s and 1980s, Punks created a similar fashion style, but with a completely different philosophy. They borrowed the leather jacket and denim pants of the Greasers, but added new hairstyles to the look.

Today, the punk style still endures, and well, but the philosophy behind it has become more political than ever. After all, we are in a good era for political activism.

Skinheads, Grunge and Hipsters all derive from these styles, to a certain extent.

Trend cycle: 20-30 years, but fueled by political activism.

The future

Ok, now what? Do you want to bet about the future? Just a warning: I don’t bet money, it will have to be a friendly bet.

The way I see it, the time is ripe for gender rights issues and non-binary genders; so, I think the next big trend for the early 2020s will be the return of the À la Garçonne style, and gender-neutral clothing. However, I don’t know who will take the plunge first: men or women?

Then, I predict a return to romance in the late 2020s, but quickly followed by a return of the masculine big shoulders and big sleeves. In fact, we might see big Victorian sleeves make a comeback as a romantic style (it often does), it’s not a contradiction.

What are your bets?

I also want to conclude this blog with a warning to young aspiring designers, stylists and crafters: you have ZERO obligation to follow any trend. Be yourself, do your own thing, and create the next big thing. It’s people like you who create trends, never forget that. Just be yourself.

I wish you a very good day. 🙂

All images are from Wikipedia.

Couture Spring-Summer 2019 fashion trends

Zuhair Murad

Good morning, how are you?

It’s Summer now, so I’m sure you must be in a great mood. While we’re in such high spirits, why not analyse the glamorous Couture shows for Spring-Summer? Let’s have some fun and some inspiration!

Pastel gradients

I think the most shared pictures on social media were these dresses, so it might not even be worth sharing again, but I’ll mention them because they’re pretty. I love how the shiny fabric changes shade has it reflects the light.

Sparkle and shine

In a similar line of thought, there’s a good dose of bling in these collections. Even though the shape of the garment doesn’t reinvent the wheel, there’s an addition of sparkly jewels on garments that are traditionally plain, simply for embellishment.


Am I seeing Lolita influences everywhere? As I’ve mentioned in the Resort trends analysis, it’s not the Japanese Lolita, but it borrows a few ideas from the style.

Silk brocade

This is my personal favourite trend from the Couture collections: it reminds me of the portraits of aristocracy we see in museums. I love how it’s modern and historical at the same time.


Finallly,… Romance! Red is my favourite colour, and I could not resist adding these beautiful red dresses.

Thank you for reading. I hope that I have inspired you to create something gorgeous. Have a great day!

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Resort 2019 fashion trends


Happy Monday morning!

Most students will soon be on vacation here in Quebec, and since I’ve noticed that I had no coverage of Resort 2019, I’m going to remedy that with great clothing suggestions for vacations!


The most noticable trend for Resort is the retro aesthetic. It’s a cross-over of the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s, but the mood is there for everyone to see: the nostalgia of bygone days, and the desire to feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday while you are on vacation.

The new bohemians

According to statistics, Millennials are very interested in traveling, and the bohemian (or “boho”) style has resurfaced stronger than ever in the last decade. These reinterpretations of the style are softer than the hippie fashions, but remain boho at heart.


This is not the Japanese Lolita, but it borrows from its spirit of femininity and youthfulness, while remaining very comfortable when temperature raise too high. (In fact, I think it might be closer to Retro-Lolita and Otome-Kei than Lolita, to my eyes. Either way, it’s casual and girly, I think we can agree on that.)

Cold shoulder

Finally, for a more urban look, perhaps to go out downtown, the cold shoulder, in velvet, and with sequin and pearls could be seen here and there. It might be a little bit warm for a hot day, but a good idea for evening-wear.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article, and I wish you amazing vacations, whatever you’ll do and wherever you’ll be. Stay safe, though. 🙂

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Bridal Spring-Summer 2019 fashion trends

Temperley London

Good morning!

I think romantics are going to be very happy about this blog post: I’m going to list bridal fashion trends. It should be fun. 🙂

Soft draped pleats on the bodice

Draping is traditional in bridal gowns, but I’ve noticed a larger number of them for this season. Various options are available, either straight, diagonal, etc., so there should be a suitable design for every body shape.

Bows on the back

A delicate addition to an open back: a bow. As simple and humble as that! Yet, it’s feminine, and brings us back to our dream dresses from when we were children.


Some designs take us back to the 1950s and 1960s for a classic style. You can go all the way and research Grace Kelly’s wedding…


Don’t worry! There’s no need to wear cumbersome panniers with these dresses, they simply mimic the style of the rococo era, with large skirts that look like an over-skirt on top of an underskirt.

The Renaissance

Another historical element is the comeback of the Renaissance gown, possibly inspired by the cultural phenomenon that is Game Of Thrones (I’ll continue later on that subject, there’s more to see). I love the Pre-Raphaelite aspect of this trend.

The Spanish princess

For a more boho look, a dress inspired by the Iberian Peninsula might be a perfect choice. The flounces are pretty, but I’m in awe in front of the embroidery!

Game Of Thrones

gameofthronesLast but not least, and the most amusing by far, is the Game Of Thrones inspiration found here and there. With the final season ending in May, it’s no surprise that some designer were inspired by the show, but it’s still funny to notice a few details like that in a bridal collection. There’s even a cape lined with fur (Or are those feathers? I can’t tell, it’s too small on my screen.)

I have no word to describe how that makes me feel! Let’s have a Game Of Thrones themed wedding… Sure! Why not? Valar morghulis. Life is too short to resist fulfilling your own dreams.

I hope I have inspired you, or at least entertained you. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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Spring-Summer 2019 fashion trends


Good morning!

The fashion trends for Spring and Summer are so easy to integrate into a wardrobe, that I could not resist writing a blog post about them. There’s a little bit of everything for everybody, so feel free to pick only the ideas you like.

Delicate pinstripes

This is the most obvious trend for Summer, in my opinion, and an old classic. It’s very easy to integrate into your wardrobe, and it will never go out of style. This said, the pinstripes for this season are so delicate, they are almost invisible, especially on pale fabrics.

Bold pinstripes

A variation on the pinstripes above, but with contrasting colours. The result is a little bit younger and more lively.


I know, I know, flowers for Spring and Summer is not very original… However, it is one of the trends, and it has invaded even the menswear collection, making the floral motif a gender-neutral (and happy) symbol of the warm season.

Black and white plaid

It seems to be a preview of Fall-Winter, we’re seeing plaid but in its more delicate form. Black and white make this a wardrobe basic.

The Matrix, 2019

Surprisingly, I’ve found gothic designs in the Spring-Summer collection. This said, it is not the latex-clad Matrix style. The fabrics chosen are softer, lighter, and more comfortable to wear in Summer.

Warm pink

Last but not least, warm shades of pink were seen on the runways. With Pantone declaring coral as the colour of the year for 2019, we shouldn’t be surprise to see some pink appear.

I hope I have inspired you. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day. 🙂

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Winter trend: the redingote

mens_frock_overcoatAttention, fashion time-travelers!

One of the major elements I’ve noticed on the runways for Winter 2019 is the Victorian coat. An homage to the Victorian redingote, or riding coat, it is suitable for all genders. In fact, it’s a bit gender-neutral by definition, as 18th century women borrowed the idea from men, and it evolved in shape and style according to fashion trends. Although some of the styles seen on the runways are very tailored and close-fitting at the waist, some are a bit more rectangular and masculine and therefore, a bit more suitable for those who don’t have a perfect hourglass figure.

Choose your style, single- or double-breasted, ornamented with trims, artificial fur, or made with an elegant fabric; it is sure to look elegant and formal, no matter the occasion.



My beginner’s guide to Bollywood movies

A few years ago, I have started watching Bollywood movies, entirely based on the colourful screenshots I had seen, and without any understanding of Hindi. Watching foreign movies with subtitles has proven to be quite an adventure, but an addictive one.

My first attempts were the few movies I was able to catch on weekends on the Canadian Omni channel, and the only copy of My Name Is Khan available at the video rental store, but it was a start.

As I became more and more curious, I confess that I started to download illegally the movies I couldn’t see otherwise, and the subtitles I found were often fan-made and so very bad, that I could barely understand the movie. As an exemple, the subtitles for PK were going so fast that they were over at the middle of the movie, leaving me there struggling to follow the story at all.

However, through all the good and the bad, I fell in love with Bollywood cinema. I love the stories, the music, the colouful costume and scenery; it makes me want to travel to India. 🙂 My only recommendation would be to download official version, with professional subtitles.

If you’ve never watched Bollywood movies, and don’t know where to start, I would advise you to try My Name Is Khan, which is almost an American movie. Then, perhaps you should continue with Hindi Medium (a comedy-drama), and Don and Don 2 (Thrillers/Gangster movies).

I also love and recommend Om Shanti Om, Dhoom 2, Dhoom 3, Devdas, PK, Bahubali, Jodhaa-Akbar, and Padmaavat (this one has such a sad ending though, it’s not for everybody).

What about you? Do you have favourite Bollywood movies you would like to recommend? If so, please comment below, the more the merrier. 🙂

Since a blog is a great platform for self-expression, allow me to share something personal. I’ve always been shy, especially as a child. I always struggled to speak in public, and oral tests at school were always a torture. However,  I’ve fought hard to overcome this and express myself more. I try to smile to strangers wherever I go, and talk whenever I get the opportunity. With time, I discovered that my cheeks don’t always turn as red as they used to.

I even have a blog now! I can share my ideas and accomplishments with the whole world.

My advice would be this: no matter your reason(s) to be shy, just try. The more you try, the easier it will be. 🙂